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Utilizing the economic crisis looming over America therefore the other an element of the world, people invest their hard earned cash in the stock exchange. With all the a few investment options that can be done, some people place in their money in gold and silver coins. Some prefer to invest in uncommon coins just like the gold coins or coins that are silver.

Buying and selling rare coins like the US coins, Mexican coins or Canadian coins may be the wisest decision one can ever make. However, among these coins, the Eagle that is american gold will be the best. Being the coin that is only by the US government for its purity, surely this really is an easy task to purchase and sell. Apart from the recognition written by the united states, gold eagle coin exemplifies the values that Americans think dearly. The woman Liberty holding the olive branch and carrying the torch shows knowledge and freedom, while the eagle plunging towards the hatchling illustrates the love to its nest for family. In a nutshell, these uncommon coins bear most of the traits that gold coin investors and collectors try to find; liquid, nearly pure gold content and imaginative design.
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Engelhard was launched in 1902 in Newark, nj-new jersey. The corporation quickly became the planet's largest metals that are precious. Into the mid-1970's Engelhard made gold, silver, platinum & palladium bullion pubs.

It wasn't before the early 1980's, that the company began to create bullion rounds known as the Engelhard Prospector. They were struck from 1982 until 1987 when their manufacturing of precious metal ceased. 1987 had been the second 12 months for the American silver Eagle, which became greatly more popular.

American Prospector gold and silver rounds were struck in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 oz sizes. The fractional sized silver rounds had been stated in smaller figures and just in 1985. Understandably, they will have higher premiums for their rarity.

The Prospector series has a key date as with other numismatics. The 1983 is far more difficult to acquire compared to other coins in this short series that is lived. The rounds generally stick to the silver bullion market, however the 1983 will typically price three to four times just as much as the other rounds in the series.

Engelhard silver and rounds that are gold far rarer compared to the American Silver Eagle, with just 700,000 silver rounds ever minted. The silver that is lowest Eagle production year was 1996, when they made only 3,603,000.

The Engelhard mint was truly the only mint that is private the time who could state they rivalled federal mints from around the globe. They truly are undoubtedly worth the premium they do not seem to can get on their products.

The Engelhard trademark began being a capital E overlaying a world globe. They used this logo design on all their services and products until sometime in 1984, if the Prospector reverse became a eagle that is flying. This permits enthusiasts to get both the 1984 with eagle reverse along with the original "E" reverse.
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